School and sports physicals

Pinellas County School Physical Health Examinations are available through our office and open to children 3 – 18 years of age attending childcare, pre-kindergarten, public, and/or private schools. This is what’s included in the School Physical Health Examination:

  • Complete Physical Health Examination
  • Immunizations that are required for admittance into childcare, pre-kindergarten, public, and/or private schools
  • Vision screening
  • Height and Weight

Nearly all schools and youth sports leagues in Pinellas County require that the players have a complete Sports Physical. This pre-participation physical exam is an important part of safe sports participation. The exam can help screen athletes for potential illness or conditions that may limit or restrict their sports activity. It helps make sure that kids who play sports are physically capable of meeting the demands of a sport and do not have any conditions that may be aggravated by intense exercise.
The goal of the sports physical is to help keep sports safe and accessible to every student who wants to play. The sports physical rarely uncovers health problems in kids, but performing a routine history and physical exam is the best way to ensure the safety of a child who plays sports and help avoid potential risks of injury or illness.

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