How Viral Fighting Formula (VFF) Can Improve Your Immune System

When it comes to avoiding viruses, prevention is the best strategy. One of the most well-known virus prevention strategies is through vaccines

Unfortunately, there’s not a vaccine available for every type of viral infection. That leads to the second prevention strategy: building a strong and healthy immune system. 

As family medicine physicians, our team at Dr. Bridget Bellingar DO & Associates are experienced in treating viral illnesses if you’re sick, but we’re also experienced in helping you support your immune system to avoid getting sick. 

In addition to other immune-boosting practices (like eating healthy), we offer Viral Fighting Formula (VFF) at our Seminole, Florida, clinic.

If you’re looking for ways to support your immune system as we approach cold and flu season, this guide is for you.

What is Viral Fighting Formula?

VFF is a supplement designed to support your immune system. Made from a unique and complex combination of vital nutrients (including zinc and vitamin b6), this supplement helps your immune system fight off invading viruses. 

How VVF improves your immune system

VVF improves your immune system thanks to its combination of immune-boosting nutrients. Zinc is an essential nutrient and plays a big role in immune cell developmentStudies show that supplements with zinc significantly reduce the risk of contracting a viral illness. 

Zinc alone doesn’t prevent viral infections with 100% certainty. It’s still possible to get sick even with a zinc supplement, but immune-boosting nutrients like zinc are proven to reduce the length of your illness should you get sick. By how much? You can shorten your cold by up to 33%. 

Vitamin B6 is another nutrient in VFF. This vitamin also supports immune response, so when your body encounters a virus, it’s better equipped to fight it off.

In other words, VFF is a complex supplement rich in nutrients known to support healthy immune responses.

Who should take VVF?

To stay as healthy as possible, everyone ideally should support their own immune system. You can support your immune system by eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and avoiding smoking. 

You can also support your immune system with supplements like VVF. You might consider adding a supplement to your routine if you:

  • Have a weak or compromised immune system
  • Are high-risk for complications of an illness (such as being elderly)
  • Always seem to catch a cold
  • Care for children who always catch colds and other illnesses

We can help you determine if VVF is the right supplement for you.

Benefits of VVF

Not only does VVF support and strengthen your immune system, but it’s not limited to cold and flu season. VVF can strengthen your immune system all year long. 

VVF is an affordable option too. If you were to add up each individual nutrient and take them as separate supplements, you’d spend well over $100 each month for one person. With VVF, one bottle lasts three months (90 days) for just $0.33 per day.

Ready to try VVF for yourself? If you’d like to give the gift of a strong immune system to you and your family, just call our Seminole, Florida, office at 727-217-5648. You can also use our online tool to request an appointment.

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