Family Practice Care and COVID-19: What You Should Know

As the pandemic continues to evolve, family practices must continue to be attentive to the outbreak of COVID-19. This includes taking proactive steps to safely manage patients while protecting providers and staff.

Dr. Bridget Bellingar and our dedicated staff at Dr. Bridget Bellingar DO & Associates in North Seminole, Florida, are making strides to ensure you can receive the family care you need while remaining safe.

We’ve created this blog to help answer some of your questions and to highlight the various ways you can continue to stay safe during this time. 

Can I still receive family practice services during the pandemic?

Yes! As a board-certified family physician, Dr. Bellingar provides comprehensive care from well-woman checks to minor emergency treatments. We know that sometimes you just can’t avoid a trip to the doctor, and that’s why we’re open to provide health care services when you need them most.

Despite the pandemic, it’s still important to take care of your body and receive the family care services you need. For example, if you think you need a skin lesion removed, don’t postpone seeing us. Suspicious skin lesions should be excised as soon as possible. 

What should I do if I’m sick?

This is a very common question, and it’s a good idea to know what to do if you’re sick even if you’re not currently sick. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that if you’ve been exposed to coronavirus or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, you should call your health care provider first. 

Don’t go into any building (including stores, public spaces, and medical facilities) without speaking to medical staff first.  Because the virus spreads so easily, this can help reduce the transmission of the virus to others.

Symptoms to look for include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat

If you have a mild case of COVID-19, it’s likely that you can rest and recover at home, according to the CDC. But even if you have a mild case, call and let us know that you’re feeling under the weather. Tests can confirm your diagnosis, and we can check in with you, especially if you have underlying conditions. 

Should I get a vaccine?

Here at Dr. Bridget Bellingar DO & Associates, we offer a variety of vaccines to help keep you and your family healthy, but at this time, there isn’t a vaccine for COVID-19. 

In the meantime, you can continue to practice the safety guidelines issued by the CDC. This includes:

  • Washing your hands frequently 
  • Using hand sanitizer if you don’t have access to soap and water
  • Avoiding touching your face
  • Avoiding those who are sick 
  • Maintaining at least 6 feet from anyone who’s sick in your home
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Wearing a mask when in crowded public places

If you have concerns about COVID-19 or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss other family care services, call our Seminole, Florida, office or use our online tool to request an appointment.

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