Begin Your Year Right With an Annual Physical

Physical exams are designed to evaluate your condition, capabilities, health risks, and any injuries/conditions you might have. As your body changes, it’s important to undergo annual physicals to monitor any developments in your health. These physicals can be used by employers, coaches, teachers, and doctors to get a better idea of your overall condition. 

Dr. Bridget Bellingar DO & Associates in North Seminole, Florida, is equipped to give full-scale physicals, including vaccinations. The results of your exam can be handed off to potential employers or school officials, and they can also be used to craft treatment and prevention plans. 

What do physical exams do? 

A full physical is a comprehensive set of tests and evaluations done by a doctor to check your health and overall condition. These might include: 

  • Assessment of your bodily functions
  • Evaluation of your senses (vision and hearing)
  • Check of your reflexes 
  • Examination of internal organs
  • Assessment of body composition 
  • Cardiovascular check (heart rate and blood pressure) 
  • Evaluation of medical history and medications
  • Possible cancer screening 
  • Possible urine/blood work
  • Possible bone density test

Examinations for athletes and children might vary and include evaluations of physical capability and growth. Children might require certain school-mandated vaccinations as well. 

Why do I need a physical exam? 

Physical exams are necessary to keep track of your health and update your medical history with any new or developing issues. Physical exams can be used to:

  • Prevent injury in athletes
  • Identify underlying conditions and problems 
  • Develop a preventative care plan 
  • Give employers a bill of health
  • Assess health concerns
  • Check the development of existing conditions 
  • Review medications and medical history 

If a problem occurs, doctors can use the results of your annual exam to identify or rule out potential causes. If you are at risk of certain illnesses, your physical can be used to craft a prevention plan. Having an up-to-date physical is not only beneficial for you; it’s also vital for doctors, coaches, and employers. 

What happens during a physical exam? 

If you’ve never had an exam, it’s important that you know what to expect. You will be fully evaluated by your doctor; this includes a physical examination, during which the doctor will palpate various organs on your body and check your reflexes. You will likely be weighed and measured. Blood work, urine samples, and other tests might be done as well. 

You might be asked to provide a list of medications and a medical file. Your doctor might ask you a series of questions or have you fill out a questionnaire. All of these things will be used to fill out your results and complete the exam. 

It’s important that you get an annual exam at the start of every year. If you don’t already have a doctor to perform your physical, Dr. Bridget Bellingar, DO, and her associates have the necessary equipment and time to provide you with a full examination. You can schedule your physical online or call 727-397-1559 to book your appointment

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